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What 2024 Photography Trends Should You Know About?

man on top of mountain taking pictures

Photographers are always looking for something new. Whether it's the sun glancing differently off the horizon, or the way in which a city street bustles during the working morning – photographers never want to shoot the same photo twice.

This is something you will have to remember in 2024. Even if you’re an amateur who just wants their Facebook photos to have a new energy, or if you’re planning on making a Facebook photo book with a difference, it’s important to keep distinguishing yourself.

But how exactly do you do this? Despite what we said before, the world around you never really changes. The sun always glances off the horizon in the same way. The city streets always have the same hectic bustle. But while you can’t make the world change around you, you can change how you capture it. 

Every year, there are new photography trends that can allow you to capture the world in a completely new way. This is going to be no different in 2024, with various photographers already trying their hand at them. With this in mind, we’re going to talk about the most exciting 2024 photography trends and how they can add a new, exciting flavor to your own photography.

Drone Photography

Drone photography has been with us for a while, but in 2024, it’s only just becoming affordable for the average photographer. When browsing Instagram or Facebook, you’ll likely come across several aerial views of gorgeous landscapes and city skyscrapers, and for just a few hundred dollars, you could be taking your own photography to amazing new heights – and yes, that pun was intended!

Aesthetic-Retro Photography

In 2024, new filters and effects developed by photography apps – including VSCO, Retrica, and A Color Story – are giving photographers the means to create retro pictures with an aesthetic feel. This simplistic trend has been present in stock photography for the last few years, but with new technology, it’s going to become a lot more frequent, especially due to its ability to instigate a sense of calm, simplicity, and unique, vintage minimalism.

Solo Adventure Photography

Due to the pandemic, solo outdoor photography has soared in popularity over the last few years, and that doesn’t look set to change in 2024. In fact, as more and more health benefits of outdoor exploration are discovered, even more people are likely to be going on solo hiking adventures, venturing further than ever before to capture new scenes and landscapes.

Analogue Photography

These apps can be perfect for creating a nostalgic, retro look, but another way to achieve this is through analogue photography. With the ability to create sepia tones, grain textures and blended shots full of personality, so many photographers are turning to analogue cameras rather than smartphones to snap their shots. While this is a little more expensive – the most basic 35mm camera with a 50mm prime lens costs between $200 to $400 – it is a great option for those wanting to nail the popular retro trend.

Clean Photography

We’re living in the future, so we were bound to mention AI at some point. Whether we like it or not, AI is going to play a big part in the 2024 photography scene, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. One of the best uses of AI is to remove and replace unwanted elements, allowing for cleaner photography with a more focused, distraction-free composition. For yourself, the editing process could be about to become a lot easier, as you can clean up your images with content-aware AI tools before uploading them to our photo book maker.

Authentic Photography

There are many photographers, however, who feel a little bit queasy when AI and photography are mentioned in the same sentence. White we don’t think AI will ruin photography, it does have the potential to lessen individual creativity, and this is why many photographers are looking to counter that. In 2024, there’s going to be an outbreak of far more authentic, untampered photography, as more photographers look to capture the truth of things, rather than the artificially enhanced lie.

Social Photography

Speaking of the truth, the world right now is going through both a humanitarian and environmental crisis, and this has led many photographers to capture more socially relevant scenes. If you’re struggling to find the purpose in your photography, this could be a great route to go down. Whether you seek out threatened wildlife, or take pictures of the next political protest happening in your street, you can make a difference with your images and fight to create a better tomorrow.


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