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Sweet Sixteen: How To Make A Photo Book Of The Big Day

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Sweet sixteens are fraught with emotion for the parent. For one, how on earth could your child be turning sixteen? They were screaming their head off not too long ago, throwing tantrums about how warm or cold their food was. Albeit, your sixteen-year-old still does that, but that’s beside the point. 

Secondly, they’re sixteen, and their expectations have risen beyond warm food and the occasional push on a swing. They want something big. Something special. Something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

And you’ve got to provide that for them. 

But that’s okay, calm down, it is possible. What you’ve got to do is make something Facebook or Instagram-worthy. 

Yes, that might feel a little alien to you, but every sixteen-year-old wants something they can show off on social media – it’s a way for them to demonstrate how good their birthday was, but also a way for them to keep those memories close and go back to them whenever they want.

Another way this can be achieved, however, is through a Facebook and Instagram photo book made from those social media pictures.

Since we’re talking about making their sweet sixteen something that they will remember forever, there’s no better way to ensure that than creating a beautiful book of photographs, taking them through the day that you have prepared and making all the best moments come to life again.

With this in mind, how do you create a photo book of a sweet sixteen, and what are the moments you should include? Below are a few ways to make the book as special as the day itself:


The first thing you should include in a photo book is not the birthday but the preparation. Specifically, the outfit preparation! Choosing the perfect outfit for their sweet sixteen is important for both sons and daughters, so try to capture the mini fashion show and show all of their options before they land on the one they love best.

The Cake

Every sweet sixteen has a great big cake, and unless you’re a master baker, you’ve probably gone to an expensive baking company to provide this. The only problem with a beautiful cake, however, is that it doesn’t last very long. In fact, its beauty gets squandered as soon as the first fork makes impact, so make sure you take pictures before any of the forks are out and get them all into your photo book!

The Venue Before The Carnage

Speaking of taking photographs before a beautiful thing disappears, try to capture the venue itself before everyone arrives and things get a little messy. If you’ve done it right, the venue should be a beautiful fortress that perfectly matches your sixteen-year-old's personality, so make sure you show it off in the photo book and celebrate all the hard work you put into it. 

The Photoshoots 

But why are you taking photographs of everything? Every good sweet sixteen has a photo booth where the guests can snap their own pictures and have a bit of fun with props and styles. These photos are not just for the Instagram hits, they’re for your photo book maker

Games And Gifts

Your sixteen-year-old is obviously going to be getting gifts, and at this stage of the photo book, it’s a good idea to include the unwrapping experience and the look of surprise and joy on their face. If you’ve organised any party games that teens love, then this can also be a good place to insert those photographs and give the book some life and excitement.

Family Moments

One mistake many people make when photographing a sweet sixteen is taking a load of pictures of their teenager with their friends, but only a few of them and their family. As mentioned before, sweet sixteens are special for the sixteen-year-old and the family that raised them. One of the big things you shouldn’t do when creating a photo book is forget the quiet moments, so make sure all of those quiet, magical family moments are snapped and included! 

The Milestone

A great way to round off the photo book is not necessarily with photos of the day itself but the day that happened sixteen years ago! Remember, what you’re celebrating here is your child reaching a significant milestone, so it’s a good idea to take it all back to the beginning and reveal just how much they have grown. They’re no longer a little baby anymore; they’re a little adult. Even if they still throw the occasional tantrum!


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