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Ideas for an unforgettable Mother's Day

What gift ideas make Mother’s Day memorable?  We suspect a lot of moms would just like to be given enough free time to take a nap or be left alone for a blissful solitary afternoon.  For other moms the usual gift items — a mother’s day card, bouquet of flowers or brunch outing — will do the trick.

If, however, you’d like to make Mother’s Day truly memorable (perhaps unforgettable!) for that certain someone in your life we’d like to offer a few thoughtful and creative ideas about what to give her.

With that in mind let’s explore some memorable Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Gift box to mom

Personalized Gifts:

Any number of retailers can help you make your mom’s, grandma’s, wife’s, partner’s or girlfriend’s Mother’s Day special by giving them a truly personalized gift, whether it’s a homemade Mother’s Day card (more about which below), set of monogrammed drinking glasses, custom engraved necklace or the like.

There are myriad ways to personalize your Mother’s Day gift to make it uniquely hers.  For instance, give mom a gift that makes personalized use of her:

  • Initials
  • Birthdate
  • Birthstone or birth flower
  • Hometown
  • Children’s names
  • Family photos
  • Pet’s name or breed
  • Astrological sign
  • Favorite hobby, leisure activity, color, attire, foodstuff — you get the idea
  • Sports team

Example gifts: New York Times custom front page puzzle (birthdate), Zodiac constellation necklace (astrological sign), Laser cut worldwide city map (hometown), Personalized wine lover bracelet (birthstone crystal color), My Social Book (family photos)

Gift box

Do It Yourself Gifts:

Truly memorable DIY Mother’s Day gifts go above and beyond most personalized Mother’s Day gifts.  Warning: because you do them yourself you may need to budget extra time to make them.

Example gifts: Handmade soapHomemade bath saltsHand stamped wooden utensilsBeeswax candles

Of course, if you’d really like to tug on mom’s heartstrings it’s easy to find kid-friendly DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas you can enlist her youngsters to make.  (Dads, are you paying attention?  And moms, these are ideal Mother’s Day gifts for grandmas, too.)  And many need only the simplest materials.

Example gifts: Craft stick Mother’s Day signMother’s Day handprint bouquetFruit ring necklace (made from — what else? — a youngster’s favorite breakfast cereal loops), Popsicle stick bracelets

Do It Yourself Gift Kits:

If mom is her very own DIYer, why not give her a memorable DIY gift kit that in one box includes everything she’ll need on Mother’s Day to make something special for herself?

Example DIY gift kits: Lip balm kitMochi ice cream kitChocolate truffle making kitAbsinthe Making Kit

Do it Yourself Cards:

Intimidated by labor-intensive DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas but intrigued by the DIY part?  Try making a low-stress DIY Mother’s Day gift card instead.

On the web you’ll find ideas for ready-to-print Mother’s Day cards that are a snap to customize just for her, plus ideas for slightly more ambitious cards that may involve stitching and embroidering plus sourcing spare buttons, dried flowers, construction paper, ribbons and other scroungable household materials.

Example DIY cards: Funny free printable Mother’s Day cardsFlower petal confetti cardsMother’s Day coupon cardsHandprint flower bouquet cardSundae for Mother’s Day cardFingerprint heart card


Today many of us crave memorable gifts we’ll do nothing more than recall fondly for years to come.  For moms who prefer a unique experience to the usual bouquet of flowers or box of chocolate you can choose from literally hundreds of memorable classes, lessons, tours and other tantalizing activities that’ll make her day.  Some experience gifts are available in both online and offline form and many can be given asf a gift card.

Examples: Mixology classes, gourmet food tasting tours, golf lessons with a pro, skydiving, sunset sails, ziplining, hang gliding, spa services

Note: While gifts like these can be pricey, there are still plenty of Mother’s Day experience gifts that won’t break your bank. Instead of giving mom golf lessons with a pro, for instance, take her to a driving range — or give her a round of mini-golf. If a gourmet food tasting tour is beyond your budget, sign mom up for a simple wine tasting instead.  Remember, too, that one of Mother's Day’s most loved gifts is also one of the most affordable: make mom dinner!

Flower bouquet


Not all of us know just what to tell mom on her special day — or how to express our true appreciation for her in a Mother’s Day card. So it’s no surprise that the web can give you the inspiration you need to find the right words to explain just how much mom means to you.  You can impress your mother as well by quoting the wisdom of others, everything from the Bible (“A mother is clothed with strength and dignity, laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks her words are wise and she gives instructions with kindness.” [Proverbs 31:25-31]) to Lady Gaga (“Acceptance, tolerance, bravery, compassion. These are the things my mom taught me.”).


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