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How To Make The Perfect Summer Photo Book

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Summer is finally on top of us, and we all know what that means! Feel-good vibes, festivals, vacations, beaches, blue skies and, of course, a beautiful new photo book at the end of it!

Summer provides some of the best opportunities for photographers. Not only is it warm – which gives you more reason to get out of the house and snap the world in the first place – but it’s also the time of the year when everyone feels a little more free, adventurous and, quite simply, happy.

However, it’s all very well saying summer gives you more opportunities, but what exactly are those opportunities, and how can you take advantage of them as a photographer?

Below, we’ve listed a few ideas to not only make sure your summer photo book is perfect, but your 2023 summer season is the best summer yet!

First Off, Embrace Nature

Starting with the most obvious point, summer is when everything comes alive. The people, the wildlife, the trees, the flowers, everything is in full bloom and waiting to be photographed. So get out there and photograph it! Try out some micro-photography for the bees pollinating the flowers, or look for gorgeous bird shots against the backdrop of the blue sky. The world is your oyster, so open it up and find the pearl!

Showcase Your Skills

With our services, you can make a photo book in 2 clicks! Easy, quick, no hassle. It’s a little harder to actually take those photographs and make them good. But for the most part, the summer offers several opportunities to boost your abilities and showcase your skills. These include:

  • Playing With Shadows

In the summer, the light changes. The days are longer, and you have far more time to experiment with the natural light. Try to play around with golden hour shadows, or go out around midday to capture more deep and graphic shadows.

  • Embracing Sunset Silhouettes

Summertime means beautiful sunrises and sunsets – beautiful sunrises and sunsets mean beautiful silhouette photography! Bring along your friends or family members and use the dreamy backlight to create truly gorgeous photographs.

  • Having Fun With Colours

As mentioned before, everything comes to life in the summer, meaning everything is more colourful! Try to take advantage of these colours in your photography. If you’re open to different palettes, your photo book will look so much more varied and skilful as a result.

  • Experiment With Moods

Summer isn’t always blue and shiny, but don’t see moody days as futile. Remember, in the summer, no photographer gets a day off! Instead, you should try to experiment with moody contrasts. Take reflective pictures of the sun in the rain, or embrace particularly bad weather to get some breathtaking stormy shots. 

  • Trying Out Different Angles

In the summer, more people are out and about for activities. In this way, you have a great opportunity to try new angles and get some proper action shots! For example, work out how to photograph skateboarders in your local park. Get low, allow them to fill the frame, and use blur to indicate motion. If you want to be more professional as a photographer, this will definitely leave you with shots that look like they’ve come straight out of a magazine!

Make A Splash

That’s how to make your photographs technically better, but how do you make them more fun? Well, a beach or two will likely crop up in your summer photo book, but the photographs shouldn’t be limited to land. Nearly every smartphone in 2023 is waterproof, so pack the swim shorts, make a splash, and capture gorgeous, oceanic pictures both outside and inside the water!

Go On Vacation

Ah, the best part of summer. Vacations! Of course, vacation photographs could be uploaded to our photo book maker by themselves, but nothing is stopping you from putting them in one book celebrating summer as a whole. Just make sure you go on vacation in the first place, although we’re pretty sure that shouldn’t take too much convincing!

Try Docu-Photography

As mentioned previously, in the summer, there are far more people out and about doing their own thing. For this reason, it could be a great chance to look into docu-photography and how to do it. If you live in a city, this could be a great way to get to know people a little better while testing your skills and trying out new concepts for your photo book.

Try Things You’ve Never Tried Before

Lastly, if you want the perfect summer photo book, get out there and try things you’ve never experienced before! Everyone gets a little impulsive during the summertime, but not everyone does something productive with those impulses. Whether it’s skydiving, hot air ballooning, going to a festival, or getting a tattoo for the first time, just make sure you get out there and live a little! Your summer photo book will certainly thank you for it, and when you look back on the summer of 2023, you’re likely to thank yourself too!


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