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How To Make A Photo Book For Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day can often be a bit of a scramble. It almost seems to creep up on people. With a month to go, you’re thinking: “I’m fine, I’ve got ages, I don’t need to think about a gift just yet”. 

Then, there’s a week to go, and you’re thinking: “Hmm, it’s actually getting pretty close, I need to start thinking about a gift.”

Then there’s just a day to go and the panic really starts to set in: “Why on Earth didn’t I get anything a month ago? How do I let this happen every year?”

Card stores across the country are gutted and florists have a field day. But you need something more than a card and some flowers. If you’re letting Mother’s Day creep up on you yet again, then you need to make up for it with a truly great present. 

Now, obviously, if there’s literally a few hours to go, that might be a bit difficult. But there’s nothing wrong with getting something super early for next year’s Mother’s Day, just to be sure! 

And we think the perfect gift has to be a Mother’s Day photo book.

You’ve likely got tons of photographs of you and your mom on Facebook – or “the Facebooks” as your mom probably calls it – and that’s all you need to make a beautiful Facebook photo book that shows just how special she really is. 

So, there’s no time like the present – especially if you’re making a mad scramble to get something! Below are seven things you have to include to create the ultimate Mother’s Day photo book:

Go Back To The Very Beginning

Making a photo book is all about the story. It’s not really good enough to simply photo dump all of your Facebook or Instagram pictures. This will end up making the photo book cluttered, incoherent and ultimately less emotional. For this reason, we suggest you start at the very beginning – before you were even in the picture. 

Try to find images of your mother as a child in her hometown. Try also to include pictures of your mom’s mom. Remember, it’s your mom’s mom’s Mothers Day as well – phew, that’s a mouthful – so wrap it all into the story and find something that will make your mom smile straight from the off.

The Very First Day

Next, document the moment that you did come into the picture. There’s sure to be photographs of this day somewhere in the house. If not, you can always ask your mom to send them over to you – she doesn’t have to know why – and you can take pictures and upload them online yourself. 

If you’re struggling to take those pictures, we talk about “taking pictures of pictures” in our blog on how to include artwork in your photo book, so jump over there to get an idea of how to do it properly!

The Special Days

Next, think about the special days. As mentioned before, you’re likely to have a good number of photographs of your mother, but you can’t include them all. Instead, sit down on a comfy sofa and let yourself reminisce. 

What are the most special memories you have with your mom? What were the best days in your relationship? Are there any vacations you can draw from? Once you’ve got a few in mind, go back onto your social media and gather all the best photographs together.

Don’t Stop At Your Pictures

As a photo book maker, we’re not picky when it comes to your photographs. For this reason, it’s a good idea to not stop at your own pictures. What pictures does your mother like to take? If she’s anything like every other mother anywhere in the world, she’ll have a pretty solid portfolio of her garden, her friends, perhaps even a few awkwardly taken selfies. Try to fill out some of the photo book with the  photographs that are already special to her.

Her Loves And Hobbies

Speaking of things that are special to your mom, try to also include photographs of her loves and hobbies. It can be tempting to simply kit out a Mother’s Day photo book with photos of you and your mom, but this is all about her. 

Does she like playing tennis? Get it in there! Is she a cool, hip mom who is in a local band? Definitely get it in there! Think about what she loves to do and make sure nothing gets overlooked.

The Family Gatherings

What is really special, however, is the family as a whole. For this reason, you should definitely try to include some group photographs of everyone together.

If you’re lucky enough to have a big, happy family, then it’s probably due to the kindness and inclusivity of your own mom – which was likely passed down by her own mom. For that reason, it’s crucial that you honour this and celebrate the whole family in the pages.

The Her And You Picture

To finish off, it’s time to go for the showstopper picture. What’s the best picture that you have of you and your mother? You’re likely going to be photographing the mother’s day activities you’ve got planned, but what about any photographs from previous activities you’ve done together? 

Is there a really great one that can round off your photo book in style? Remember, this is the showstopper that will hopefully leave a tear in her eye, ensuring that you get all the brownie points in the world – far more than you would get with a simple card or flower – so make sure it finishes the book with a flourish!


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