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How To Make A Photo Book For Cat Lovers

 black and white cat looking to the camera

A while ago, we wrote a blog about taking photographs of your pets. Naturally, this revolved around dogs. Dogs are always photogenic. It doesn’t matter if they’re sleeping, playing, sniffing at a sofa leg – they’re always ready for the photo. They are also the first pet that you think of when you think about making a pet photo book. But what about their fiercest rivals?

Cats are just as popular as dogs, especially in the US, where as many as 45.3 million homes have a resident cat. Not to mention, many cat owners are not just cat owners. They are cat worshippers. As if they live in Ancient Egypt, their whole life revolves around their cats, and this is why we’re writing this article. 

For all you crazy cat owners out there, it’s time to gather your pics together and create a photo book. That bit is not too hard. You can create a photo book in 2 clicks, but the actual photography is where things can get tricky. Cats are – or can be – just as photogenic as dogs. But they certainly have different personalities, so the method of getting that perfect picture for a photo book has to be different as a result. 

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get your cat’s best angle and which pictures you should include in your photo book:

Reveal Their Own World

One of the best tricks when it comes to creating a good cat photo book, is actually getting down to their own level. Cats are naturally smaller than dogs, so taking pictures from above is always going to add some unwanted objects into the frame and make your cat less of a subject as a result. If you get down to their level, however, they can fill up the frame and the photo book has a far clearer subject. You can also see the world the way that they see it, which is a great technique when trying to tell a story

Find Their Perfect Spot – The Quirkier, The Better!

While you may have already mastered the art of photographing your cat, you might have forgotten the most important thing: their personality. Every cat has a unique personality, and you can usually find it out by observing their day-to-day life. Where do they like to go? Where do they like to sit? Do they have a favourite – perhaps quirky – sleeping spot, like a flower pot or a bookshelf? Capture them in their element and watch their personality shine on the page.

Use Toys And Sounds

Okay, so you’ve caught your cat sitting in their favourite flower pot. But their attention is on a particularly interesting looking insect rather than your camera phone. You can’t exactly ask your cat to look at the camera and say cheese, so you need to think outside the box. Whenever you go to take a picture of your cat, bring along their favourite toy or make the noise you make when you’ve prepared their supper. This way, you have more opportunity to capture them looking at the camera and your photo book will look far more professional and intimate as a result.

Take Advantage Of Their Eyes

When you have them looking at the camera, don’t forget to take some close up shots of their eyes. Cats have beautiful eyes, and it can be a great idea to stretch your photography skills by taking some close ups. A good way of doing this is by aiming your camera slightly downward and switching to “Ultra Wide”. After doing this, simply tap the shutter button and take as many macro photos as possible. This is not just a technical exercise. You can see a lot of their personality in a cat’s eyes too, so you’ll be sure to appreciate every picture whenever the time comes to use our photo book maker.

Have A Bit Of Fun

One of the biggest differences between cats and dogs is that, famously, dogs have a lot more fun than cats. No matter how friendly and playful your cat is, there is always a line, and they’re normally far happier out of the way and sleeping in the corner. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some playful photos, however. There are a number of pet shops out there that sell funny kitty jumpers or head pieces, all of which will make for a hilarious and adorable photograph. Your cat might not appreciate it. But these photos will certainly be cute additions to a photo book. Just give them a treat after taking the shot. They deserve it for putting up with all your nonsense!


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