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How To Create A Photobook For Grandparents

Grandmother with grandson

If you’ve ever wondered through souvenir stores looking for a gift for the grandparents, you’ve probably come across a plaque that reads:

“Ask mum. If mum says no, ask grandma. If grandma says no… who are we kidding, grandma never says no!”

There are tons of little gifts and ornaments with this phrase, and the reason it is so popular is that it couldn’t be more true. When it comes to growing up, grandparents provide nearly all of the best memories.

Whether it was with trips to the zoo, weekends in the garden, or that extra scoop of ice cream at the parlour – our grandparents were always there to put a smile on our faces and make the sun shine that little bit brighter.

This is why, if you have a child who's growing up faster than you can blink, it’s important to shoot these memories and make sure they are not forgotten.

Why Are Photo Books So Special For Grandparents?

Photo books are the best way to achieve this. While it might be easy to let the photographs hang around in your phone gallery, placing them in a photo book can actually be a really special way to say thank you. Remember, back in their time, Facebook and Instagram weren’t a thing. Physical albums were the only way in which to view and enjoy photographs.

In fact, rather amusingly, many grandparents get a bit cross at the very mention of bizarre social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. But they can come to good use, in this instance.

If you do a bit of digging, you will be able to make a Facebook and Instagram photo book full of beautiful memories that the grandparents can enjoy in the way that they prefer. Through the beauty of physicality. With a number of glossy pages giving the photographs the luxury they deserve.

For anyone who needs a few ideas about what pictures to actually place in this photo book, then this guide should give you the inspiration you need to start curating your own perfect thank you letter.

Take Them Back In Time

This photo book is essentially going to tell the story of your child and their grandparents, so, as with any story, it’s important to start at the beginning. You’re bound to have a few baby photographs with them in, so try to find the picture that shows the very first time they held the baby. See if you have any generational pictures (involving your baby, you and your parents or vice versa with your partner) and make that one of the leading pictures at the very beginning of the book.

The Greatest Moments

Another thing about grandparents is that they like all the sentimental stuff, so don’t be afraid to get a bit soppy! It can be a great idea to include monumental moments in your child's life, such as the first time they took their first steps or their first day at school. Even if they already have photographs like this framed, no matter how many times they see them, it’s bound to put a smile on their face.

The Moments They Missed

One of the best things you can do with a photobook for grandparents is to show them all the moments that they missed. Sadly, grandparents are not there for everything. There will be moments that they missed out on and perhaps moments that they haven’t even seen photographs of. Try to include as many as you can and allow them to see everything their grandchildren have been getting up to when they weren’t around.

A Weekend At Granny’s

The middle section of the photo book is a great space to start, including all those weekends at the grandparent's. This can include your child learning how to bake (because seriously, what grandma didn’t have baking afternoons with the grandchildren?), playing in the garden, helping grandpa fix his car or simply cosying up on the sofa watching television. This is a perfect way to immortalise those moments so that your grandparents can take them off the bookshelf and look at them any time that they want.

Finish With Something Heartfelt

A perfect way to finish off this photo book is to give them something personal. Ask your child (or children) to create a sign dedicated to the grandparents. This can say anything, from a simple “thank you” to a more heartfelt “we love you, grandma and grandpa”. Take a picture of them holding this sign and make it the last thing your grandparents see when they turn over the last page. You’re bound to get a few happy tears flowing, and, as we said, you can’t beat a bit of soppiness in a book like this!


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