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6 Fashion Trends To Know About Before Your Next Fall Photoshoot

fall themed photo shoot of girls standing next to each other

For fashion and photography lovers, the fall is like a little slice of paradise that goes by all too quickly. During this time, not only does the world come alive with vivid colors, but the fashion world gets a new injection of love to complement them.

Before you go out for your first fall photoshoot, however, it’s important to know what you’re going to wear first! It’s not just about getting the perfect Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte as a prop and picking out the most fruitful pumpkin patch, but about ensuring your ‘fit captures all the coziest fall vibes it can. Hey, we never said creating a photo book in 2 clicks meant getting the perfect pictures in 2 seconds flat! Preparation is everything. 

So, below, we’ve concocted a small list of all the latest fall fashion trends and how they can work to complement beautiful fall scenery. 

The Statement Trench

How could any list of fall fashion trends in any decade post Y2K fail to include the statement trench coat? For us, the fall means two things above all else: the perfect sweater and the ultimate day-or-night trench. From Burberry to Aquascutum, the heritage locked within a well-made trench coat is enough to elevate even the simplest outfits to a high status. 

Although we would recommend the iconic color beige to go along with the warm, slightly melancholy tones of the season, other beautiful colors we’ve seen include navy blue, bright green, or even black and white. 

But, if you’re looking for one trench coat to last you a lifetime, stick with classic beige or khaki.

The Bright Knit

If you’re a lover of color, then fall doesn’t have to represent a dreary time of muted colors and moody hues. This fall, the statement sweater is getting a redesign, with plenty of bright, beat-the-fog shades that really satisfy any color-lover’s need to express themselves – and the great news is, these bright colors are perfect for drawing the eye deeper into a photograph.

Think about it: muted browns, rusts, and coppers, it’s all too easy to fade into a backdrop of pumpkins, pine trees, and leaf-strewn sidewalks. Using your outfit to add more contrast is the best way to ensure you – and your ensemble – stand out. 

The Silk Look

On Instagram, it looks like silk dresses with embroidered floral patterns are going strong this year. While they may not be the most obvious choice for fall – who wants to shiver in a slip when they could be bundled up in knitwear? – done right, it can really look incredible. 

Silk works best when it’s being heavily contrasted. A silk midi skirt paired with heavy black boots or a silk cami layered over the top of a dark turtleneck, are both great looks – and just a few silk staples in your closet can prove incredibly versatile. 

If you’re thinking of doing a golden-hour photoshoot, this is the kind of next-level styling that can shine and give your shoot a really unique feel.

A Casual Fall

In our opinion, some of the best fall photoshoots don’t involve particularly sophisticated or “glamorous” clothes. Instead, they’re simple, relaxed, and unapologetically casual. For this reason, we think a pair of mom jeans, classic Vans, a sweater and a scarf can be all you need to create the perfect fall photoshoot. 

This is especially true if you’re looking for more natural photos to upload to our photo book maker for the ultimate fall photo book – almost as if the photos were spontaneous, rather than planned. 

It’s also a good idea if you get yourself out in nature, going for a walk through the open air – you get to look great and feel cozy too! If you’re looking for the right makeup to pair with these clothes, then the smokey-eyed look never fails, with a bold, burgundy lip to really tie the fall vibes together.

Layers Upon Layers

Speaking of casual, one of the most enduring fall trends is to wear simple clothes, but lots of them! Instead of putting on just a shirt and sweater, for instance, you put on a shirt, a sweater, and then another sweater on top of that. Instead of wearing a few pieces of jewelry, you opt for an opulent stack of rings that sparkle in the golden hour sun, or masterfully layered necklaces – here’s a guide courtesy of Vogue, because it’s not as easy to pull off as you’d think. 

If In Doubt, Go for Plaid

While it may sound as obvious as wearing florals for spring or using mistletoe to bring a Christmassy vibe into the entryway, it’s worth remembering that there’s a reason why the classics are classics to begin with: they work!

Tartan Plaid has a way of screaming, ‘I’m ready for a campfire, s’mores, and spooky stories’ – while Buffalo Plaid’s popularity with models and rockstars has given it an ‘On my way to the studio’ vibe. Whatever pattern you choose, opt for something oversized and maybe a little distressed. One thing is true: the vintage stores see high demand this time of year, so save the Pumpkin Latte for after the shopping spree – not before!


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